Guru Parulkar has been in the field of networking for close to 20 years and has worked in academia, startups, a large company, and a top tier venture capital firm. He recently joined National Science Foundation (NSF) as a member of its new Computer and Network Systems Division.


Guru has come to NSF to work with the broader research community and together make something ďsignificantĒ happen. One of the areas Guru is focusing on is Networking of Sensorial Embedded Systems.


Guruís success in the world of startups includes Growth Networks that he co-founded with Jon Turner and Jerry Cox and served as its CTO and Director. Growth Networks is notable for many reasons including the following:




Guru co-founded a couple of more high tech startups in the general area of networking, wireless and multimedia systems. These startups were funded and incubated by top tier venture firms such as New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Sequoia Capital in Silicon Valley. He also served as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at NEA during 2001. He continues to serve as a technical advisor to several startups.


At Cisco Guru led working groups on the system architecture and performance modeling of the next generation core router to help get Growth Networks technology absorbed in Ciscoís products. He also worked in the New Markets and Technologies group of Ciscoís Business Development organization.

Prior to startups, Guru was a Professor of Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis from 1987 to 1999. Highlights of this tenure include the following




His other PhD students include James Sterbenz, Christos Papadopoulos, and Fengming Gong.

All his students continue to be active in research and industry and make significant contributions.


Highlights of Guruís professional services include ACM SIGCOMMí99 PC Co-Chair, NOSSDAVí97 PC Chair, ACM/IEEE Transaction on Networking Technical and Publications Editor, IEEE Network Editor, and Co-Editor IEEE JSAC special issue on Gigabit Networking.


Guru received Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Delaware in 1987 (advisor: Professor Dave Farber). At the time UDEL was at the center of exciting developments in networking primarily due to Dave Farber and Dave Mills among others. These happenings had a profound effect on Guruís thinking and later career. The highlights are:



Guru is a recipient of an alumni outstanding achievement award and Frank A. Pehrson Graduate Student Achievement award in Computer and information Sciences from the University of Delaware.


Guruís accomplishments are mostly a result of great people that he was fortunate enough to work with (or to be around). These include Dave Farber, Jon Turner, Jerry Cox, Ron Bernal, Dan Lenoski, George Varghese, Doug Schmidt, Adarsh Sethi, Paul Amer, Gary Delp, Bob Caviness, Dave Mills, Mike Miller, and of course a bunch of very good students.


You are welcome to an academic style web page (somewhat dated) for more details.