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I have successfully played various roles within the field of networking: Professor, Entrepreneur, Advisor to Entrepreneur, and NSF Program Director. Since 2007, I have been in the middle of the SDN revolution and doing my part to make it a success. I cherish opportunities to create a vision, raise funding, build a strong team, create prototypes and demos, build partnerships and ecosystem in support of the vision, and thus change the practice of networking.

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University of Delaware

For my PhD thesis I explored a new LAN architecture called NOAHNet with mesh topology and efficient flooding for packet routing at the time when Ethernet used to be a single broadcast bus. I received Delaware's Alumni Outstanding Achievement award and Frank A. Pehrson Graduate Student Achievement award.

Washington University in St. Louis

I led research and prototyping of high performance networking and multimedia systems such as the virtual memory system of NetBSD and FreeBSD Unix, APIC gigabit network interface, router plug-in software architecture, packet striping algorithms, multimedia on demand server and service, and real Time upcall system for QoS for NetBSD. Of course the credit goes to a group of several high quality students.

Senior Manager, HFR/CRS BU and New Markets and Technologies at Cisco

I joined Cisco as part of Growth Networks acquisition and became a part of the new HFR BU. I led an architecture and performance WG for CRS-1 and then joined New Markets and Technologies group once CRS-1 was "engineering committed."


Growth, Tenaya, Sceos (Ruckus Wireless), Mocana, NetSift, Nicira, Kumu. I co-founded and served as CTO and board member of Growth Networks, Tenaya Networks, and Sceos. Growth was acquired by Cisco; Tenaya went out of business; Sceos became Ruckus Wireless and did IPO. I also served on the board of NetSift (acquired by Cisco). I am an early investor in Mocana, Nicira (acquired by VMWare) and Kumu Networks. I also worked at NEA as EIR during 2001-2002. I received NEA's entrepreneurship award for Growth Networks.

Program Director at the National Science Foundation

I championed and launched, with help from the community and NSF staff, a new research program on Future Internet Design (FIND) and the GENI initiative. FIND has been funding a lot of exciting research and GENI led to a nation-wide infrastructure for research and experimentation on future Internet ideas. I received NSF's Program Management Excellence award.

Executive Director at Clean Slate, Consulting Professor at Stanford University

The mission was to explore what kind of Internet we would design if we were to start with a clean slate and 20-30 years of hindsight. It led to the following four on-going flagship projects that have the potential to transform different parts of the Internet.
Internet Infrastructure: Visit OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking
Mobile Internet: Visit POMI 2020
Mobile Social Networking: Visit MobiSocial

Co-Founder, Executive Director and Event Chair for the Open Networking Summit

ONS mission is to help the SDN revolution succeed by producing high impact events exclusively focused on SDN and OpenFlow. ONS is committed to bringing the best content; assembling together the leaders and innovators from all parts of the ecosystem; facilitating high quality dialogue; and creating a fun and quality experience for all its participants.

Visit: http://opennetsummit.org

Co-founder & Executive Director at ONRC, Consulting Professor at Stanford University

ONRC mission is to develop the intellectual foundation of SDN, help it widely deployed in various domains of use, and make it part of standard CS/EE education. ONRC is a collaboration of Stanford University, UC Berkeley and ON.Lab and is funded by NSF and a group of leading companies.

Visit: http://onrc.net & http://onrc.stanford.edu

Co-Founder, Executive Director and Board Member for ON.Lab

ON.Lab mission is to develop, deploy, and support open source SDN and Cloud tools and platforms for various domains of use. It is an independent non-profit organization and virtually a part of ONRC.

Visit: http://onlab.us